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Jen Hanni lives in Northern Utah and has years of experience as a passionate, creative and talented photographer. She has thoroughly studied light, posing, and photography settings and often uses a reflector and deflector to get the light EXACTLY right. Jen also only shoots in raw and manual mode, which is a reflection of how knowledgeable and skilled she is in her understanding of her equipment and editing. She only uses the best equipment, as she shoots with a Canon 7D and a top-of-the line, elite lens. Jen uses only the best in her editing software, and edits ever-so-slightly to get wonderful and professional results. She understands that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' and will continue to edit until her clients are satisfied. She asks her clients to speak up about what they want, as she wants them to be THRILLED with the results. She guarantees ALL of her work. Perhaps the BEST attribute to Jen's skills are her people skills. When Jen was in her classes studying to be a photographer, her teacher said that Jen would be finding success because of her gifted ability to interact with people. Jen can get a large and rowdy group to listen and cooperate, a shy and quiet child to smile, and the less-than-interested teenager to laugh and contribute. She knows how to use her fun, humorous and outgoing charisma to pull sincere expression and personality, to provide timeless results. Although respectful, she jokes that her maiden name is 'Lowder' because she can easily raise her voice to be louder than the rest of the group to get attention of large groups and demand respect in a light-hearted and fun way.

Jen's background is of photography and journalism. Jen received a degree from the University of Utah in Communications and wrote for several publications for years. Her interest in writing grew into an additional interest in photography, which has taken on a whole new world. She recently hired a very talented and skilled employee who has YEARS of editing experience to assist her in her editing as her business has grown so much. Jen's first love is her children and husband of over 25 years. She enjoys boating, mountain biking and racquetball.

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Whether it's a corporate event, wedding, family portrait, graduation/mission picture, school team, family reunion, or whatever you dream of... Jen will bring timelessness and class to your portraits.

'Jen was professional and very responsive! She was easy to contact and responded right away. She was prompt and kept a timely schedule for a large team! She was able to shoot my whole team in one night! The picture quality speaks for itself, she made sure all of the girls looked flawless. She also had the pictures edited and returned in a reasonable amount of time. Sometimes it takes photographers months to get picture back to you, but she did just about 100 photos in 2 weeks. We were happy to have a responsible and prompt photographer capture our memories for the year!' -- Heather L.

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