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Family, Wedding Photographer in Bountiful, Utah

Photographer Bountiful

Jen lives in Davis County, Utah and loves being a wife and mother. She is OBSESSED with photography! Years ago she found herself taking family pictures for friends so frequently she decided to take it to the next level and take in-depth courses and work with a mentor to become a professional.

Jen is an excellent Family, Wedding Photographer because she seeks after perfect lighting, her favorite being beautiful back light. She shoots in raw and manual mode, and enhances her client's pictures through editing... just enough to enhance, not too much to take away from the natural beauty of each client.

She was trained by the exceptionally talented photographer, Jon Williams, and then mentored by the creative and delightful photographer, Amber Togisala. Amber's style is something Jen greatly appreciates, although their styles DO differ significantly, She also has a degree in Communications from the University of Utah, with an emphasis in Journalism. She has written for several newspapers and magazines throughout the years.

In her spare time she enjoys mountain biking, racquetball, and boating, all with her fun family!

But other than her family, photography is her true passion. When people thank her for the photos from her shoots, she usually responds, "Are you kidding me? Thank YOU! Taking and editing pictures is my favorite thing EVER!"

Jen is full of spunk and energy and goes to great efforts to get young kids to smile, and the teens and adults in stitches with laughter.

Call Jen Hanni today... you will not be sorry!!!!