What Makes Jen Hanni Photography Stand Out

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About Jen Hanni Photography

Hello there! I'm Jen Hanni, owner of Jen Hanni Photography. I offer wedding, family, and event photography across Salt Lake, Davis and Weber Counties in Utah. 

I almost ALWAYS take an assistant with me when I do photo shoots, especially outdoors. It is necessary to have an assistant to often hold a reflector to block or add light. In addition, I have the assistant run and get things for me and assist in helping get smiles. My darling daughter Grace often assists, but I also have a few darling girls who are on-call to help when my daughter isn't available. 

In addition, I have an editor who does some of the editing for me when my workload gets to be too much, and when there are very complicated edits. I hired him earlier last year and it was one of the best things I have ever done... he is SO talented!

My business grows immensely every year, and I will be adding dance studio pictures to my repertoire in a few weeks.

Two years ago I started taking pictures of high school and junior high dance teams as well. 

How did I Start Taking Pictures Professionally?

I’ve been taking pictures professionally for over five years. I realized what a perfect job this is for me because I absolutely am infatuated with portrait photography and working with people! I’ve always been told that I am a “people person” because meeting new people has always been so fun to me. I love building a relationship with people. I also love getting the posing right and getting that “magic shot!” The newness and excitement of each photo shoot have never gone away for me! I’m just absolutely in love with the magic of getting amazing portraits!

I also LOVE the editing process. There are few things more fun and fulfilling for me than editing pictures. I am very careful to avoid editing the pictures TOO much... ever so slightly to get the perfect look every time. 

The Jen Hanni Photography Difference

If you’re wondering what makes Jen Hanni Photography stand out.. let me tell you. First, my skill and training make me second to none. I have an excellent understanding of my camera and its settings to focus on and capture the scenery and my subjects in mesmerizing lighting.

I focus on capturing the perfect expression too! Through my light-hearted and fun personality, I can get a group laughing and feeling comfortable in no time. Quite often when a group shows up to a shoot, they are cranky... especially the kids (okay, and the dads!). I get to know each client and try to make the whole experience fun and exciting through jokes, funny expressions, and just having a good time! 

I also have a great knowledge of which locations are best any time of the year. I go to great lengths to find out what time lighting is the best... and am an absolute STICKLER with getting lighting right. You can't undo bad lighting in a picture... honestly! If it's too dark... forget about it! Shooting in raw doesn't even matter if it's too dark. 

One of my biggest achievements was probably when my work was on display at a home show last Spring at the Sandy Expo Center. People were impressed with my photography, which has inspired me to keep pushing my limits with big dreams for the future!

In the immediate future, I would like to do more wedding photography. I’ve had such a big following with family photography which I love, but of the few weddings I have done, there are new expectations that challenge my skills and teach me new things.

To learn more about all that I do at Jen Hanni Photographyplease click here. If you have any questions about how I can help you, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.

Sincerely, Jen Hanni