Common Mistakes Professional Photographers Make

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Photographs have a whimsical way of taking us back to the moments we cherish with the people and feelings we adore. However, capturing incredible memories like these takes the skill of a professional photographer. These experts know how to enhance the beauty and the magical feelings of their subjects through the perfect lens, angles, and editing techniques. Moreover, they listen to you and deliver based on your expectations.

However, when you’re looking for a photographer, you need to be extra cautious as every photographer has varying levels of expertise, knowledge, and experience in their line of work. Unfortunately, this can translate to mistakes and errors on their parts which could wreck your photoshoot and waste a great deal of your money.

To you avoid the mishap of hiring these negligent photographers, experienced professional, Jen Hanni has put together a list of the most common mistakes professional photographers make.

1. Not taking outdoor portraits when the outdoor lighting is best.

Having excellent lighting during a photoshoot is essential. If it’s too bright or too dark, the pictures you get will be discolored or dull. Mid-day is the worst time to take photos unless the photographer can find a shaded area and can manipulate the available light accordingly.

2. Not bringing an assistant along.

Unless the client(s) agrees to bring a friend to help out, an assistant is imperative at an outdoor shoot. They are required to hold the reflector to add or reduce light as needed, serve as a runner to grab the equipment or props needed, and assist in getting children to smile when needed.

3. Insufficient editing practice.

Editing takes a lot of practice to perfect. The photographer you hire should have sufficient training and experience to know the right ‘tricks’ to enhance the beauty in photos naturally. If you’re wondering how to spot bad editors, the proof is in their portraits! Just take a look at samples and make a note of their editing quality.

4. Assuming what the client wants.

Professional photographers should be asking you for your expectations, and even for samples that you might have found on Pinterest or elsewhere. I try to ask my clients to make a list of the poses they want so that we can incorporate all of them in the shoot. Otherwise, it is easy to forget their expectations with the excitement of the shoot.

5. Underestimating the time it will take to deliver the photographs.

It usually takes two to three weeks to edit pictures completely. However, some photographers don’t return the pictures they’ve taken within this time frame. This is either because they lack the skill to edit efficiently or they have underestimated their workload.

If you’re looking to avoid photographers who make mistakes like these, reach out to only the best professionals in the business like Jen Hanni. I am a professional photographer and an ace when it comes to editing photographs. I do wedding, family, and event photography in Bountiful, Utah and make sure every one of your special moments is captured beautifully. That way you can relive it time and again when you see the pictures. As an experienced professional photographer, I know what elements are required to ensure a shoot goes smoothly, and I can ensure that these elements are present at the time of your shoot.

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