Five Questions To Ask When Hiring A Professional Photographer

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Photographers are like artists hired to capture and create something stunning that you haven’t seen yet. For this, you need to trust them completely to save your wedding or other event memories through stunning still images.

However, finding a professional whose work meets your expectations can be tough, but not entirely impossible. All you need to find an expert photographer is a strong idea of what a professional is capable of, and to help you with this, here is a list of the top five questions to ask when looking for a professional photographer.

1. Are they good with camera equipment?

The professional you hire should know their camera equipment inside and out and be able to adjust their camera quickly with the lighting and conditions available. Ask them detailed questions like, what kind of camera they use, and the kind of lens. Their answer should be a DSLR Canon or Nikon if you want the very best results. Also, ask if they shoot in manual or raw, they should say yes to both formats, and should not use it in auto mode They must also use a reflector to get the lighting just right for their pictures and portraits.

2. How do they get their subjects to cooperate?

Find out if the photographer is outspoken and if they speak up to get the group to cooperate. Ask them how they handle children, and what techniques they use to make them smile naturally for pictures.

3. Do they have samples of their work?

Check to see samples of their work for other clients so you can judge their picture quality. When you look at the pictures they’ve taken, they should have excellent lighting, and not be over or under-exposed.

4. Do they know how to edit well?

Ask them if they edit the images they take, for sharper cleaner pictures. See what software they use. If they choose PhotoShop or Portrait Pro for their editing than they are using good editing software. Ask them if they offer face swaps as well to see their level of expertise.

5. Do they provide customer satisfaction?

See if they can guarantee all of their work and if they will keep editing until you are happy. If they act bugged or annoyed by this question, it’s best to walk away and find someone else.

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